Fill us at daybreak with Your love,
That all our days we may sing with joy.
Psalm 90:14
Perhaps the world’s greatest pilgrims
Are found among our loving children.
A hundred questions fill their day,
Both at school and then at play.
Each day they cry or make us laugh,
And help us all relive the past.
They give us hope and bring us faith,
And fill our hearts with love and grace.
Oh, Lord, You are the children’s Friend,
And know the love in all of them.
You help them learn and watch them play,
And hear them praying every day.
Lord I pray our children flourish,
Learn to love, and practice courage.
Lord, I ask our children prosper,
Know Your peace and feel Your laughter.
John Frederick Zurn
Treasures of the Heart ~from the Salesian Collection
Pages 16-17

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