A letter from Fr. Ed Boucher

Dear Gillian and all the members of The Church of the Good Shepherd:

 Janice and I enjoy so much reading the newsletters of Good Shepherd Parish.  Thank you for sending them to us – we can see that there is never a dull moment in your fellowship and God willing, never will be.  I continue to assist the Rev. John Higginbotham, Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Tiverton, RI (I affectionately call it Holy Trinity on the Sakonnet!)  Like Good Shepherd, it too is a warm and inviting congregation, blessed with caring leadership.

 Janice and I are well and so is our family.  We hold dear in our hearts the wonderful times we shared with the Good Shepherd family.  We wish all of you a Blessed Eastertide.

 Faithfully yours, 

Father Ed

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