Episcopal parishes elect lay leaders to oversee the financial and administrative affairs of the congregation.  This leadership board is called a “Vestry” and it is headed by two “Wardens.”   New vestry members and officers are elected every year.

2016 Officers and Vestry

Senior Warden: Frank Cook
Junior Warden and Property Chair: Dennis Tripodi
Treasurer: Carol Keiser
Registrar/Clerk: Roberta Cook

Class of 2016 (serving until Annual Meeting 2017)
Ray Stephenson
Vin Cherico
Ann Maddix

Class of 2017 (serving until Annual Meeting 2018)
Anthony Ngawor
Marie Langlois
Betty Collins

Other Leaders

Altar Guild Director: Karen Tripodi
Episcopal Church Women: Cheryl Scarpetti
Outreach Committee: Caryl Frink

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