Where can you find:

dinosaur-shaped “healthy” chicken tenders
craft foam, colored tissue paper and glue sticks
dozens of board games
scores of children and their parents,
and some very energetic and dedicated Good Shepherd volunteers?

Fun Friday Family Nights with Winters School!

The first Friday of every month from October to May we invite any child from Winters to bring their adult family member(s) and join us for a simple meal, board games, and crafts.

The Parish Hall is filled to capacity with the sound of lively young people (and several games of Hungry Hippos!).

Funded entirely by the parish, the program gives families the opportunity to spend an evening together in interactive activities without having to cook.

You can join the fun!  We can always use additional hands in the kitchen or at the craft tables.

Senior Warden Frank Cook displays his artistic talents after a night of helping at Fun Friday


Some teenage helpers unwind with a game of Hungry Hippos after helping at the craft tables for most of the evening.

what healthy chicken tenders!